The City of Canterbury MRS has been in existence in its present form since 1988. In that year some members of the original Society that formerly met in the old Canterbury West station building until the roof fell in, decided to reform the Society.

Exhibition diary

Our Society and Members layouts are attending the following Exhibitions

15th Feb 2020 Manston at Tonbridge MRC Exhibition


At the moment the CCMRS has three exhibition layouts, one is in N Gauge and the other two OO Gauge. A new modular N Gauge Exhibition layout is being built and has had a trial run at our 2018 Exhibition.

DYDLEY JUNCTION is an N Gauge layout 4' X 2'6". It is an                                                                       exercise in trying to get as much in a small space as possible, using proprietry kits and bits whilst achieving realism and operating interest. It is a junction Station and articles about the layout have been published in BRM and the Hornby Magazine.


BIGBURY is a OO Gauge layout and it depicts a fictional 

branch line terminus somewhere in NW Hampshire the 

future of which was secured by the opening of an army 

maintenance depot for Armoured Fighting Vehicles. The period modelled is the mid 1950's.

NONINGTON QUAY is our new OO Gauge layout and was a project started for our newer and younger members or those with less experience so they can learn and develop their skills.

It is a fictional dockside yard with a branch line

terminus at a higher level. The layout represents no specific period or location so that our members can run almost anything they want.

HOLT STREET is our new N Gauge layout. It is a four track mainline set somewhere in England at some time between 1930 and 1970 so that as many of our N Gauge members as possible can run their stock in a realistic setting. For this layout we have chosen an urban location with a locomotive servicing depot, a rail served industrial area and exchange sidings just outside the town station which is off scene. Its a long way from finished but had its first outing to our Exhibition in 2018 to test its performance under exhibition conditions. This showed up short comings in the fiddle yard which is now being rebuilt having been redesigned.


MANSTON AIRPORT is Andy Hoppers "what might have been" had a rail link been put into Manston Airport in the steam era. It is 14' X 2' and has been seen extensively on the exhibition circuit and has appeared in various magazines including the Hornby magazine.

HAVERHILL SOUTH is Martin Allens first attempt at

2mm Fine Scale modelling. The layout represents the terminus of the Colne Valley and Halstead Railway on the Essex/Suffolk borders.

DURSTON is a new layout by member Brian

Woolrich. It is OO 4mm scale and incorporates

the station platform ends, goods facilities and

engine servicing area of a 1936 GWR station.

CHILLINGBOURNE is a typical small Southern Region
branch line station in the late steam era. It belongs to
Geoff White and is OO gauge, 4mm scale. The country

station serves a village which is over a mile away as was fairly typical of a lot of such stations. This fictional station was featured in the film "Canterbury Tales" set in WWII in the local area.

ABBOTS BARTON is jointly owned by members

Dennis Prior and his son Chris. It is a terminus station

serving a small but rapidly developing commuter

town somewhere South West of London. It is set in

the 1950 to1970 period and sees a number of EMU

stock as well as diesel and some steam motive power.

SANDWICH HAVEN is a OO layout that was originally created by the Deal Model Railway Club. When that club folded Canterbury MRS gave it a home but when the Society decided to scrap it for a permanant multi gauge test track member Richard West adopted it. He is now in the process of restoring and adapting it and showing it as a construction project at Exhibitions. It has four tracks for continuous running, a double track branch line terminus, a single track branch line to the harbour and future operating features include coal and gravel trains loading and unloading, in addition to a fully working container terminal loading and unloading ships.