ISLE OF SODOR - OO Gauge 4mm Scale

TAL-Y-BONT - 9mm & 16.5mm Gauge 7mm Scale

BRIDFORD - O Gauge 7mm Scale

STRATTON - OO Gauge 4mm Scale

KILN ROAD - OO Gauge 4mm Scale

ERICHSBERG - Z Gauge 1/220 Scale

STAPLEFORTH (Mainline) - N Gauge 1/148 Scale

IRON MOULD LANE - OO Gauge 4mm Scale

MILL RIDGE - OO Gauge 4mm Scale

SCHMERZ a.d. OGGEL - 16.5mm Gauge 6mm Scale

COTSTART EAST- 9.42mm Gauge 2mm Finescale

ASHLEIGH BRANCH - OO Gauge 4mm Scale

NEKOOSA - HO Gauge 3.5mm Scale

ST PADDY - OO Gauge 4mm Scale

BRADY ROAD - N Gauge 1/148 Scale

VIAFIER RETICA- HO Gauge 3.5mm Scale

STAPLE ROAD - OO Gauge 4mm Scale

The City of Canterbury MRS has been in existence in its present form since 1988. In that year some members of the original Society that formerly met in the old Canterbury West station building until the roof fell in, decided to reform the Society.


Our Society and Members layouts are attending the following Exhibitions :-

April 30th 2022 St Mildred's Church Tenterden - See Poster to the right