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BIGBURY - OO Gauge 4mm Scale

MARMAGNE - HO Gauge 3.5mm Scale

BACK ON THE BUSES - OO Gauge 4mm Scale

HORNBY JUNCTION - OO Gauge 4mm Scale

TWIN FALLS LOGGING - 16.5mm Gauge (OOn3) 7mm Scale

BATTY MOOR - N Gauge 1/148 Scale

SCOLE - O Gauge 7mm Scale

HOEK VAN DER HEIDE - HO Gauge 1/87 Scale

GROVE FERRY JUNCTION - 0.884" Gauge S Scale

ON SHED - OO Gauge 4mm Scale

LARKFORD - O 16.5mm Gauge 7mm Scale

DENTON - OO Gauge 4mm Scale




Those of you with good memories will remember that the weekend of our 2013 show was very snowy and a number of our exhibitors and traders could not get to us. We found some replacement layouts and put on a show but as our visitors also found it difficult to get to us we abandoned the exhibition on the Sunday afternoon.

There was the chance to do a bit of 12" to 1' modelling when on car park duty!

The City of Canterbury MRS has been in existence in its present form since 1988. In that year some members of the original Society that formerly met in the old Canterbury West station building until the roof fell in, decided to reform the Society.


Our Society and Members layouts are attending the following Exhibitions :-

Lemanis Light Railway will be at Tonbridge MRC Exhibition on 17th February 2024

Four Feathers Falls will be at Beckenham and West Wickham MRC Vintage Model Railway show on 23rd March 2024

Four Feathers Falls will be at the Sevenoaks show on Sunday 28th July 2024

Exe Halt will be at the Faversham Model Railway Club show on 14t and 15th September 2024

Manston Airport will be at the Great Electric Train Show on the 11th and 12th October 2024

Dydley Junction and Lemanis Light Railway will be at the Beckenham and West Wickham MRC Exhibition on 19th October 2024.

Conyer Creek Signals will be at Uckfield MRC show on the 19th and 20th October 2024

Lemanis Light Railway will be at The Folkestone MRC Exhibition on 4th and 5th October 2025

Lemanis Light Railway will be at Spalding MRC Exhibition on 1st and 2nd November 2025


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