ROLVENDEN - P4 Gauge 4mm Scale

Rolvenden 5 (Large).JPG
Rolvenden 1 (Large).JPG

CANADA STREET - EM Gauge, 4mm Scale

Canada 1 (Large).JPG
Canada 4 (Large).JPG

HEYBRIDGE BASIN - 14.2mm Gauge, 3mm Finescale

Heybridge 5 (Large) - Copy.JPG
Heybridge 8 (Large) - Copy.JPG

HOLT STREET - N Gauge, 1:148 Scale

Holt Street 1 (Large).JPG
Holt Street 6 (Large).JPG

MOORTON BOTTOM YARD - 9mm Gauge, 4mm Scale

Hull 4 (Large).JPG
Hull 8 (Large).JPG

LOFTUS ROAD - OO Gauge, 4mm Scale

Loftus Road 2 (Large).JPG
Loftus Road 5 (Large).JPG

MARSH CHIPPING - N Gauge, 1:148 Scale

Marsh 4 (Large).JPG
Marsh 2 (Large).JPG


Cheltenham 6 (Large).JPG
Cheltenham 2 (Large).JPG

TORMOUTH - N Gauge, 1:148 Scale

Tormouth 2 (Large).JPG
Tormouth 4 (Large).JPG

HACIENDA AVENUE - HO Gauge, 3.5mm Scale

Hacienda 1 (Large) - Copy.JPG
Hacienda 3 (Large) - Copy.JPG

FIZZ BANG & FAWKESVILLE - 32mm Gauge, On30 Scale

Fizz Bang 12 (Large).JPG
Fizz Bang 13 (Large) - Copy.JPG

MELIN LLECHI (Slate Mill) - 32mm Gauge, 16mm Scale

Slate Mill 5 (Large).JPG
Slate Mill 1 (Large).JPG

BELMONT ROAD - OO Gauge, 4mm Scale

Belmont 7 (Large).JPG
Belmont 6 (Large).JPG

DURHAM ROAD TMD - O Gauge, 1/43 Scale

Durham 5 (Large).JPG
Durham 2 (Large).JPG

LINDSEY EAST - OO Gauge, 4mm Scale

Lindsey 5 (Large).JPG
Lindsey 3 (Large).JPG

The City of Canterbury MRS has been in existence in its present form since 1988. In that year some members of the original Society that formerly met in the old Canterbury West station building until the roof fell in, decided to reform the Society.


Our Society and Members layouts are attending the following Exhibitions :-

The  "Pop Up" Exhibition at The Kent and East Sussex Railway's Tenterden Station on the 30th and 31st October 2021 has been cancelled.

BIGBURY will be at The Beckenham and West Wickham MRC Exhibition on the 16th October 2021